Submission Guidelines

By submitting your work to ‘A Brighter Day’ you are contributing to the betterment of spaces and mental health of individuals. Spaces like public hospitals, not for profit schools and others typically see a large no. of visitors but by design the spaces do not contribute to the general upliftment of these people.


  • Please fill the form and upload your image that is on this page. If the form doesn’t work, email us your artwork at
  • Images should be 1800 px fixed width, height in original image ratio, file size as low as possible, optimised for web, without loss in quality. This is only for upload. If the file is selected for print, we’ll get in touch with you for a more hi-res one. So design in hi-res and upload for web use.
  • If your design is selected, it will be added to this website and probably posted on the Method & DIY. Health Instagram feed and/or story.
  • All rights to the artwork are retained by the artist.
  • If you choose to list your art for sale on the Method Webstore, all proceeds after deducting taxes, payment gateway fees and Shopify fees will be transferred to you. Responsibility for packaging and shipping or returns of art/prints to buyers lies solely with the artist.

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