The Boy with the Dragon Kite

by Vibhav Singh

As a kid I could never fly kites. I could not understand how pulling on a string could possibly put more distance between me and the square piece of paper on the other end. While everyone else’s kites soared majestically into the August air, mine came tumbling back, seeking refuge in the safety of my arms. Maybe it preferred firm ground to turbulent winds. Holding the fragile, paper-thin creature in my hands, I wondered if kites could have a fear of heights.

About Vibhav Singh 

Vibhav is a 23-year-old artist and illustrator based out of Bangalore. He likes to create narrative illustrations, with a heavy focus on environment and mood. A lot of his visual inspiration comes from film, television and graphic novels, while music and works of fantasy and science fiction literature have a huge thematic influence on his work.

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