Inside My House, Someplace I keep Dreaming About

by Kshitija Gurav

This artwork made during the lockdown, is inspired by the album ‘Three Love Song’ by Producer Ricky Eat Acid. The track is called ‘Inside my house, someplace I keep dreaming about’  and takes you on a mini journey where you almost feel like you’re floating in mid air and for those few minutes everything is okay. It’s a beautiful track that makes you want to lie down and just simply be, look at the small details of the world. Visually represented by the artwork, this is someplace I keep dreaming about.

About Kshitija Gurav 

Kshitija Gurav is a graphic designer based out of Mumbai. With her interests deeply rooted in the space of art and music, she often loves experiments with a lot of visual imagery.Her work is heavily inspired by surrealism, digital collages and creating visuals with distinct elements that tell a story. Each piece has a unique story or a narrative that is open to each to perceive in their own ways.

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