Co Exist

by Aditya Damle

Story of humanity wasn’t so voilent against nature as it is today. It was long ago when we lived with the wildlife and nature in a respectable and harmonious way. We drew lines and erected boundaries to keep the nature away and enclosed ourselves, taking only what we need. But as time passed we made undue use of intelligence and privilege, drawing lines, erasing and redrawing them again to keep ourselves away from serene innocent and all lives that we have made vulnerable. We have enclosed the nature. It is about time changed the dynamics of this relationship. It’s about time we repay our debts to the nature. It is about time we align our boundaries of development towards something higher and restructure them so they do not encroach and infringe on the right to life, liberty and happiness of nature. Coexist.

About Aditya Damle 

Aditya Damle is a Mumbai based visual artist whose work attempts to capture a larger than life experience bringing together his inspirations across mythology, science fiction and comic books among others. His free-flowing style varies from graphical , cartoonish , comic book like and painterly, the combination of it all creating a style of its own.

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