by Shruti Bhosle

Usually woven into beautiful gajras or packed in leaves these tiny fragrant flowers can transport you back to the memories of childhood, weddings and pujas. They remind me of the ladies selling local flowers.
From my latest series ‘Conversations with flora’, in which I’ve depicted flowers and plants associated with nostalgic memories and stories of fondness. A simple reminder to pause and appreciate the things around you and to reconnect with nature.

About Shruti Bhosle

Shruti Bhosle is a Mumbai based artist who enjoys drawing and mural painting. She has studied Fine Art from Winchester School of Art, UK and Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Inspired by her love of shadows and natural forms, she likes to play with contrasting lines and bold colours. Shruti is drawn to finding her aesthetic in various art forms in an attempt to combine all the things she feels passionate for.

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